108 Mile Ranch prepares for the Christmas market

Pickleball in the 108?

The South Cariboo Pickleball Association is in talks with 108 Mile RCA about the potential use of a community field near the venue to build a year-round indoor pickleball court, which could also accommodate sports like badminton, basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer. Secretary-Treasurer Larry Davis said the association has already begun fundraising for the facility, which is expected to cost $1.2 million.

The sport – a cross between tennis and table tennis – is particularly popular among senior citizens. It’s easier on the joints than tennis, the racquet is smaller and the courts a quarter of the size. “Winters are long here,” Davis said. “If you don’t play hockey or curling, there’s not much to do.

Jackson named 108 Thousand Citizen of Year

Congratulations to Dan Jackson, who was named 108 Mile Ranch Citizen of the Year.

Jackson, who moved to the community in 2006 and has served as the hall’s maintenance man for the past decade, beat out six others for the coveted title. He is also a member of the 108 citizens on patrol and delivers welcome kits to newcomers.

Graham Allison, Chris Betuzzi, Mike Marcuzzi, Robin Nadin, Carol Thorne, Robbin Edwards, Herb Carter and Ross Peddie also received 108 Mile Community Service Awards, while Ralph Dumbs and Kevin Oliffe received certificates of appreciation for giving their time and skills to the projects at the room.

New room manager

Kayla Pede has assumed the role of new community hall manager at 108 Mile Ranch, succeeding longtime managers Carol Thorne and Bruce Biedler. The couple were thanked for their commitment to the hall and the community at large. Over the past year, the hall has had many rentals, including pilates, a music circle, bingo and martial arts, as well as a games club in November, an AA club, Oktoberfest, weddings and birthdays.

Christmas market at youthe heritage site

The 108 Heritage site is preparing for its annual Christmas market on December 11. The barn is already reserved for sellers, and six more are to be set up outside. Anyone interested in reserving a table outside can call Ulli Vogler at 250-398-0841.


On October 29, the 108 Ranch Community Association’s Annual General Meeting was a tremendous turnout with 56 members of the public in attendance.

President Ingrid Meyer urged the public to register as members of the association, noting that there are only 47 commercial members, 36 life members and 51 individual members, which is “pretty low count given the number of people in the 108”. The association’s finances could also benefit from a boost. Treasurer Michele Spence said RCA ended last year with just $5,000 and will close this year with $8,900 in the bank. However, long-term tenants continue to be a source of income.


The 108 Mile Volunteer Fire Department recently received a new Incident Command Truck from Enbridge and will be receiving a Lucas 3 chest compression machine on short term loan. The mobile unit, fixed around the patient’s body, is equipped with a pump capable of 102 compressions per minute. The department applied for grants for firefighting equipment.

lake life

Al Richmond, Area G manager for CRD, said work is underway to develop a low-mobility pathway to the main beach, connected to the new fishing pier and picnic tables. Bree Construction was also set to begin work creating a new creek and bridge at Lake 108 to replace a historic dam that flooded the trails last year.

He reminded the public that ATVs are not allowed on Greenbelt trails or across the freeway as they are private land. He noted that he had asked for more trail signs to help protect local grasslands.

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