5 lessons online bingo could learn from video games

Online bingo has been one of the great successes of recent times. In just a few decades, it has gone from offering a few games to offering a huge selection of ways to play. It’s also being drawn to a whole new generation of gamers, including many millennials, who may have never imagined it could be their kind of fun.

However, this is a generation that also grew up playing increasingly complex and sophisticated video games. Perhaps if online bingo games expand and improve upon the elements they share with video games, they could reach even higher levels of success.

Always have a strong theme

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Games should offer the player the opportunity to experience something new, and one way to do that is to include a strong theme. If you play bingo games for real money, you may know that many have interesting themes. These can range from having links to TV shows like Deal or No Deal to connecting with popular slot games like Rainbow Riches. All this is undoubtedly attractive. But maybe game developers could lean more into themes in different times and even different worlds in the same way video games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Halo did, because that’s still pretty rare in this industry.

Introduce bonus levels and features

Part of the fun of video games comes from the sense of accomplishment they give us. While winning money at bingo might be all the success some players need, the addition of levels to race through and bonus rounds would undoubtedly enhance the gaming experience even further.

Add an Easter egg or two

And why not add an extra surprise or two along the way? This could be triggered when a certain sequence of numbers is called and all of them appear on a particular player’s bingo card. They could also take the form of different rewards such as free entry for the player on the next round of the game, or a prize multiplier if they win. This could work particularly well, along with other bonus features, in the Slingo version of the game. This is a combination of a slots and bingo game that is already proving very popular.

Use a good soundtrack

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Although video games and online bingo are mostly about what happens on screen, the importance of a good soundtrack cannot be underestimated. It has a direct effect on the mood and mental attitude of players, so it can raise tension, increase anticipation and also provide moments of relaxation. And it will make the bingo experience even more immersive and enjoyable.

Introduce a memorable character

Last, but not least, many of the greatest video games have a central character who is there for the player to control or guide them through the game. Not only does this create a more personal connection, but it can also be a great way to explain the rules as you play. This is certainly an area that online bingo games could build on and could lead to future spinoffs and series featuring this character.

Of course, even without taking any of these steps, online bingo will continue to be hugely popular. But introduce just a few and it could really get stratospheric!

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