Asbestos spilled and workers exposed at Bingo facility

A union has alleged gross mishandling of asbestos and worker exposure at a major city recycling plant.

Workers at Bingo Industries’ Eastern Creek recycling plant routinely handle potentially deadly asbestos without safety equipment and procedures in place, said the Australian Workers Union (AWU).

Hazardous materials are also being dumped directly into a landfill and stored improperly on site a few hundred yards from a primary school, the union said in a report recently filed with Safe Work NSW.

AWU officials inspected the billion-dollar recycling and landfill facility on Thursday after several failed attempts to enter, one of which resulted in an alleged assault by a crew member. direction of Bingo, which was reported to the police.

“When our officials were delayed entering the site by Bingo management, it seemed clear there was something to hide; what we discovered on site today confirmed our fears,” said AWU NSW Secretary Tony Callinan.

“I was absolutely appalled to witness the conditions at Bingo. The idea that workers are routinely exposed to asbestos without proper safety precautions is sickening.

Callinan also expressed concern that workers had to wash their clothes at home, potentially taking the deadly fibers with them to expose loved ones.

“We have members who expect them to regularly sort pieces of construction waste, including asbestos traveling along conveyor belts. They are then expected to wash their clothes at home, even though they may be covered in asbestos dust. It’s shocking “, he said.

In a statement to NCA NewsWire, the waste management giant dismissed the allegations, saying they were completely unfounded and the company would deal with the relevant legal bodies as needed.

Callinan said the alleged oversights had been reported to Safe Work NSW and the AWU would also consider other legal avenues.

“There is no way Bingo is allowed to continue as usual after what we have seen today,” he said.