Bayonetta 3 bingo has death, betrayal and pole dances

Bayonetta 3 fans are assembling their own Bayonetta bingo cards before the third game launches later this month.

The post just below was recently posted on the official Bayonetta subreddit and has already been warmly received. It outlines a player’s predictions for the next Bayonetta 3, with entries such as “A Bayonetta version of ‘Avengers ‘Assemble'”, “Stripper Pole Dance at the End”, and even “Enzo’s Car is Destroyed”.

Other highlights of the Bayonetta 3 bingo card include the villainous Bayonetta, the death of a main character, and Viola getting her own Umbra costume. Some options are particularly open to interpretation, including an “infamous” level, some sort of cameo, and a “gritty” scene – define “gritty” in the context of Bayonetta, we implore you.

Some commentators have their own predictions for their versions of the new Bayonetta bingo. One player thinks we’ll get ‘sexist’ versions of the titular witch in Bayonetta 3, while another jokes that we’re being bold to assume there’s only going to be one ‘gritty’ scene in everything. the game.

Bayonetta 3 releases later this month on October 28th for Nintendo Switch, so there’s not long to wait to see if there’s any sort of “mom/dad” dynamic in the trio. At least we know Bayonetta 3 has violence and “partial nudity” (surprisingly, but it also has a no ass option for even less nudity if you’re playing with your family. It’s an option for less squeaking teeth.)

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