Bingo Loco returns to Derby for 2022 at the city’s Bustler Market

Thrills, high energy and a mix of music and madness have been promised at a new bingo night to be held in Derby. Bingo Loco, known for its “unlimited fun”, comes to the city’s Bustler Market in April and June.

The event offers bingo with a twist, flipping the traditional game on its head, turning it into a three-hour interactive spectacle with dancing, lip-syncing battles, throwback anthems, showers of confetti and prizes ranging from from cars to lawn mowers. A spokesperson for the event said: “Bingo Loco is a world-beating bingo night – a thrilling, high energy and hilarious mix of music and craziness.

“Each finds places transformed by madness, chaos and color, with out-of-the-ordinary productions such as confetti explosions, CO2 cannons, speed Macarena, rude merchants and cheeky stage performers as well as “a dizzying mix of incredible prizes.” In the past, they’ve included everything from the incredible to the ridiculous, like new cars, VIP Coachella experiences, and 10-foot teddy bears.

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“The soundtracks are always grand, explosive mixes of classic anthems, dance hits and good tunes that build energy levels as the bingo games unfold.” From wild dances to always-on competitions incredible lip-syncing performances, these are action-packed evenings that never fail to delight you.

“Bingo Loco is known worldwide for its over-the-top approach and boundless fun. Make sure you’re part of the next one, wherever you are in the UK.”

Events are planned across the UK with stops at venues in Wrexham, Newcastle, Brighton, Derby, Edinburgh, Inverness, Falkirk, Aberdeen, Sunderland, Sheffield, Blackpool, Northampton, Leeds, Ayr, Watford, Glasgow, Stoke , Birmingham, Chester and many more places.

Two events taking place in Derby on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April have already sold out. But people can still get tickets for the Friday June 17 and Saturday June 18 events. To learn more, visit their website here.