Different types of online bingo games

Bingo is a popular pastime for most people around the world. Earth Halls have been the meeting point for most players. However, the internet has made everything easier and more convenient. People can still meet online and form online communities that involve more people from different places around the world. Nowadays, you can find many sites offering different bingo games, all with unique features.

As a bingo player, finding the right site can impact your experience. Most UK bingo sites will give you flexibility as you can participate in different types of games. In this guide, you will learn about the different bingo games you can play online.

90 ball bingo

This is the most common type of online bingo. This is because it is one of the most played land games in most bingo halls. In 90 ball bingo, there are 90 balls in the pot at the start of each game. Additionally, there are three rows in each card, each with five numbers. Therefore, a single card will always have 15 numbers. More so, at the start of a game you get three different prizes.

The first prize is for the player who completes a single horizontal row. On the other hand, the second prize is awarded when the player completes two horizontal rows. Finally, the third prize is awarded when the player has a full house on their ticket. The full house is the biggest jackpot available in 90 ball bingo.

80 ball bingo

80 ball bingo is the second most famous bingo game. The game is available on most online platforms, thus gaining popularity over the years. Here you are shown a specific pattern that you must complete in order before the game starts. By completing this pattern you win this 80 ball bingo game. Additionally, you get a 4×4 card which contains a total of 16 numbers.

The most common potential winning combinations include horizontal lines, vertical lines, specific numbers, and four corners. Moreover, the game has added excitement as the models keep changing. It helps to improve your gaming experience.

75 ball bingo

75 ball bingo is another famous game, mainly in the US market. The main objective of the game is to get a full house. You can do this by matching all the numbers on your card. However, most 75 ball bingo games will have prizes when you match diagonal lines, vertical lines, and horizontal lines. More so, you get a 5×5 card which has 24 numbers in total. This game is more varied than 90 ball bingo because the middle of the square must remain empty.

30 ball bingo

30 Ball Bingo is one of the fastest games you can play online. The development of this game is only for gamers who want to play games as fast as possible. In this game, there are only 30 balls in the pot. Having fewer balls in the pot means the game comes to a head faster than usual. Additionally, each card has a 3×3 grid with nine numbers in total. More so, the game only rewards players who get the full house.

Joker Jackpot Bingo

Joker Jackpot Bingo provides you with a 3×3 grid and uses cards instead of numbers. This is a great game for anyone who loves twists. At the start of the game, you are dealt nine cards from a deck of 54 cards. The game contains 52 standard cards and two jokers. This game is sometimes also called 52-5. There are two prizes to be won in this game. The first prize is for the player who rolls a J with five cards. Finally, the second prize is for the player with a full hand.