How To Spot A Suspicious Bingo Site – 5 Red Flags To Look For

As bingo gains traction around the world, fraudsters are also looking to capitalize on unsuspecting victims by stealing their private information for malicious activity. And rather than sticking with reliable brands like Yay Bingo, these victims search for websites with seemingly better offers, only to find themselves in a bind. We don’t want you to be like them, so here are five red flags to watch out for at a bingo site.

No license

Although bingo is just a recreational activity for you, licensing is not something you should take lightly. For a bingo site to be considered legal, it must have a valid license from a reputable regulatory body that confirms the authenticity of its operation. Some of the main regulatory bodies include:

  • Gibraltar Licensing Authority
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Alderney Gaming Control Commission

So if you can’t find a license, it’s dodgy and you should consider other options.

Bad reviews

In the age of the Internet, it is not difficult to find reviews online. So, before fully committing to a bingo site, take some time to review other players’ reviews of their operations. And we advise you to pay attention to long reviews because they are usually the most honest. Since reviews can’t be 100% positive or negative, you may need to go through a few before you can come to a conclusion on overall sentiment.

Great bonuses

Don’t get me wrong, the bonuses are great, but too much of it is suspect. A random bingo site is not going to give you an unrealistic amount of money for completing one survey or the other. Think about it because what do they have to gain? We don’t discredit bonuses – some are actually legit. However, be careful.

No terms and conditions

As strange as it may seem, the absence of terms and conditions can be a red flag in some cases. The fact is that for every offer, game or tournament offered by a bingo site, there should be terms and conditions. This is the only way for them to regulate participants and disqualify cheaters, so what would omit it?

bingo community


Modern bingo sites promote social interaction, so most of them have a strong community. So if for some reason you can’t find any trackable communities for a site, this should start to make you frown. In this case, it would be in your best interest to steer clear or further investigate such a brand.


These red flags we’ve listed aren’t that outlandish, but many players overlook them. But since you now have enlightenment, put the pieces together for your good. And most importantly, if you find a reliable and trustworthy brand, stick with them.