Hundreds of apartments and a new restaurant among major plans approved for Nottingham

A wide range of projects were requested and given the green light last week in Nottingham. Various plans have been submitted to Nottingham City Council which progressed in the week ending June 17.

The two biggest were the approval of plans for more rooms in a huge student building and the green light given for a new restaurant in town. Elsewhere, plans to make changes to a luxury riverside apartment complex have been given the green light.

At two other sites, applications have been made for buildings to be recognized as Assets of Community Value, which allows communities to identify a building as important to social well-being.

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A 426-room tower will be built on the site of the bingo hall

A demolished bingo hall will now accommodate even more students, after the council gave the green light to new plans. Nottingham City Council gave the developer permission to increase the number of bedrooms in the planned new tower at the former Gala Bingo building site in St Ann’s Well Road from 356 to 426 on June 17.

Developers had originally hoped to build 396 apartments, over nine floors, but that was scaled back before plans reached Nottingham City Council’s planning committee on January 20, 2021. But now the site’s new owners, Crown Student Living , who confirmed to Nottingham City Council they had bought it in May 2020, want to add additional bedrooms by rethinking the layout of the initial plans and repurposing the “social space of the oversized flat”.

The site’s owners also suggested the development would “relieve pressure from the saturated HMO market”. When Nottinghamshire Live polled locals, they gave mixed opinions on the prospect of more students being brought to the area.

Alfreton Road Restaurant

A new “family” take-out sale will soon open its doors in the city. The new ‘Burger & Sauce’ restaurant will occupy a currently vacant location on Alfreton Road, Radford, formerly occupied by the Reno restaurant, after Nottingham City Council gave the green light on June 13.

The developers will add a take-out to the existing restaurant and replace the old “obsolete” storefront with new signs and a renovated storefront. They also said the building’s interior would be finished to give it a “sleek modern look” with a new dining room that seats 24 people.

A council report on the decision said: “The surrounding area is largely commercial and due to the location of the site on a busy thoroughfare there would be no adverse impact on the amenities of neighboring occupants in terms of loss of privacy and noise.However, the nature of the proposed development is such that the discharge and dispersion of fumes resulting from cooking must be taken into account.

“Environmental Health is confident that this issue can be resolved by submitting a program which may be required per condition. A condition limiting hours of use is also recommended.”

St Ann’s housing estates seek listing

An application has been made for the St Ann housing estates to be included in the list of Community Interest Assets. According to documents submitted to Nottingham City Council, the housing estate has around 600 tenants, as well as colleagues and their visiting family and friends.

The site is also home to community partnerships with the National Probation Service, Ecoworks, Framework, Autism East Midlands, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum, STAA and the Community Orchard project. All have school tours and community workshops.

The housing estates welcome between 2,000 and 6,000 visitors per year (pre and post pandemic) and also serve as a staff office for 7 part-time employees responsible for managing the site. The document also pointed out that the demand for housing estates or access to green spaces has tripled during the pandemic, with a waiting list of 230 people and a waiting time of 18 months.

Changes to Deluxe Apartments

The green light has been given for a refreshed plan in a luxury apartment block. On June 17, Nottingham City Council approved plans for alternative landscaping and a riverside walkway for the Yacht Club “Riverside” apartments.

The project is made up of 81 luxury apartments, ranging from one to three bedrooms, all of which include smart technology and parking, as well as an inspiring outdoor space for common use. Work started on the Park Yacht Inn site in 2020.

Planning permission for the former Park Yacht Inn site was obtained by McCann Family Investments Ltd in March 2016. Work was due to start that year, but project delays led to the site being put on the market.

List of charity buildings

The Renewal Trust has applied for the Sycamore Millennium Center in Hungerhill Road to be listed as a Community Interest Property. The building is currently used as a community facility, regularly offering youth and adult activities such as crafts and sports.

According to documents submitted to the council, it serves as a basis for providing support to people in need of food and those struggling with mental health issues or isolation. It is also the main base of NNRF, a refugee charity that helps asylum seekers and refugees with clothes, food and toiletries, English lessons, money management and volunteer opportunities.

The plaintiffs claim that any permanent loss of the facility would be "leaves a much-needed and used charity with no base to operate from” and “amplifies the problems the temporary closure has had in terms of poor mental health and access to a well-known community sports club”.