I’m not poor but I purposely live below the poverty line people think it’s weird but I hate spending money

A WOMAN decided to live below the poverty line in order to save money by making wise spending choices.

YouTuber Prepper Princess has shared her tips for cutting costs.


YouTuber Prepper Princess manages to live below the poverty line thanks to her savings tipsCredit: Prepper Princess/youtube
One of the ways she cuts costs is to buy very few clothes


One of the ways she cuts costs is to buy very few clothesCredit: Prepper Princess/youtube

She explained that she had lived below the poverty line her entire adult life in order to achieve her financial goals.

Prepper Princess, author of live on next to nothingposted a Youtube video explaining his tactics.

She said: “I save all my junk mail so I can use it to start the fire.

“And I have a Roku box that gives me thousands and thousands of movies and TV shows and I don’t pay for cable TV.”

The bargain hunter also made sure to buy a very cute house to keep the price and running costs down.

They bought a run-down two-bed, two-bath house for just $67,000.

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She said: “That’s how I can live below the poverty line because I paid for this in cash.

“I took all the proceeds and sales from my previous home and invested it in the stock market just before the stock market had a big rally, so I got lucky.

“It’s very very simple, I could actually go a lot smaller if I wanted to and maybe I will in the future.

“The only thing I bought new was the sofa, the kitchen table and my bed.”

In addition to keeping sparse furniture and household items, the saver is the same with the clothes in his wardrobe.

She said: “I keep my wardrobe extremely simple. I don’t buy a lot of clothes.

“I get all my pajamas for a dollar or less at the thrift store.”

When she bought her house, it was run down and needed a lot of maintenance.

She said: “The bathroom was in poor condition, rather than replacing it she cleaned the toilet, peeled and glued the tiles for just £24.

“The kitchen when I arrived here was unusable. It’s a renovated kitchen that I made myself for the most part.”

When it comes to comfort and care, the Budget Expert keeps it simple there too.

She said: “I just buy the cheapest 88 cent shampoo and the cheapest soap and that’s all I really need.

“Shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor and exfoliating gloves.”