Local brewery bingo hall is a first in Ontario

Bingo! Market Brewing Company is now the first brewery in Ontario to be licensed for bingo.

The Newmarket-based brewery will officially offer bingo alongside its range of events and fundraisers which include live music, comedy nights and quizzes. Starting September 1, Market Bingo! will take place every Thursday at 7 p.m.

“These nights will give guests the chance to win prizes and cash while enjoying Market Brewing beers or various other beverages. Bingo nights will also see local food trucks set up for guests to try as well. great food! Most importantly, some of the money to play bingo will be donated to various local charities,” Piers Simpkin said in a press release.

A new charity will be selected each month to benefit from the fundraiser, as he said the charitable sector has been hit hard during the pandemic.

It’s been a long road for Market Brewing to get its Class C bingo license, a process that began in November 2020. Simpkin said a charity bingo night was cut short when the brewery learned it needed a license to organize this type of event. After that, an attempt to hold a virtual bingo night to help counter the effects of the lockdown was halted for the same reason.

“The licensing process was a lot of learning, patience and some challenges, but the team’s resolve never wavered. There were application fees, paperwork to complete, letters of support from charities, public notices in local newspapers and the necessary support from the municipality, in which they overwhelmingly supported this idea put forward by the brewery despite some objections from another company,” Simpkin said.

After the board voted in favor, the brewery held numerous meetings and began the process of obtaining its license. It has been determined that a Class C license is the best fit for what the brewery wants to do, holding only one bingo night per week. Eventually, the license application was approved at the end of August.

To celebrate Market Bingo! the brewery released a new beer called Goliath Cold Pale Ale. A cold pale ale is between a pale ale and a lager. It is fermented cooler for a clean finish, then also goes through a cold keeping process.

Bingo will be held live with five rounds for guests to play while enjoying music, beer and a bite to eat.