Meet the Trinity High Bingo Queen of Hearts Jackpot Winners

It’s taken months to get here, but we finally have a winner in the huge Queen of Hearts jackpot at Trinity High School bingo here in Owensboro. Last night, Christy and Tina Brown were the luckiest! They were called for the opportunity to find the Queen of Hearts and guess what? They did it. And there were hundreds and hundreds of people there watching and cheering them on.

When last night’s session began, there were only three numbers left on the Queen of Hearts board. Here’s what it looked like.

Numbers 15, 20 and 51 remained. On Monday night (three nights ago), this jackpot ended the evening at $71,472. Last night it went up almost $15,000. IN. A SINGLE OR INDIVIDUAL. NIGHT. It shows just how much excitement had built over the past two months as the search for the Queen of Hearts intensified.

In fact, over the past two weeks, the Opportunity Center Bingo Hall crowd had been flirting with capacity. Andrea Aud, the Bingo Coordinator for Trinity High, had instituted a BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair policy. The crowd was huge and the wait was crazy.

It got even bigger on Thursday night when Christy and Tina came up on the board. They did it with a 1 in 3 chance of winning the jackpot. After all the $1 tickets were sold, they found themselves playing for their share of $86,309.00 – the second largest jackpot in Trinity High School Bingo history.

They chose #20 and BAM!


Under KY gaming laws, the ladies claim 70% of the jackpot, or $60,416.30. This total is taxed, of course, but they took the rest home! Congratulations ladies!!

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