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Baby boomers fight back against Millennial JT!

Wow, that didn’t take long. We officially have a Boomer vs. Millennial showdown that has the potential to spiral out of control.

Dana B. read screenshots on Wednesday where Millennial JT took direct shots at their elders with this passage:

Now I want to say this to baby boomers who think my generation is weak and incapable. Your generation has done good to itself and many of you had good old school values. This is also a generation that grew up in a golden age of post-war prosperity and is frankly naive about the way the world works. The American dream was achievable in the world your parents built. I remember when I learned that my father had built his house for an amount equal to his annual blue collar income. I could not believe it. What has happened to the actual standard of living under your watch is a disgrace and therefore my generation is the do-it-yourself generation. If we don’t know how to do something, we go online and find out because we certainly can’t afford to rent it.

Dana B. doesn’t. She is furious.

She writes:

My husband and I are furious. JT says, “baby boomers don’t know how the world works”. You are laughing at me ? JT couldn’t be more wrong to assume that an entire generation matches his idea of ​​a Boomer. We are NOT going to have a pissing contest on Screencaps. If we wanted this shit, we’d go to Twitter. The beauty of this community is its unification of people of all ages, races and geographic regions. We all love America, work, play, play sports, etc. Let’s stay focused.

That said, I wanted JT to know a bit more about us. We are 60 years old. Our family is filled with farmers, pipeline workers, waitresses, bus drivers, landscapers and mechanics. The ONLY THING we’ve EVER paid a “stranger” for is to dig us a new well. And I mean NEVER. (That rules out medical issues, but even then…). Dad built our house with his bare hands. All. I worked on the pipeline all day, came home, worked on the new house. Wiring, plumbing, roof, basement, EVERYTHING. He was sometimes helped by his family and an entrepreneur friend.

Personally, I got up at 4:30 a.m. for over 25 years to get ready to drive a school bus. In BETWEEN roads, I work at the local elementary school in the cafeteria. I then worked (13 years), after my rounds, at night, at the local grocery store/convenience store. Weekends too. My husband landscapes, digs, mows and works his ass. From 16 to 35, I was a waitress, raised 3 children, etc.

My father passed away 3 years ago at the age of 85. He fell from a ladder while cleaning his gutters. He worked every day of his life. Seriously, that was his goal. He did it all.

So our family feeds America, transports it, cleans it, fixes everything we can, pays our taxes, raises our children, and helps as many people as possible.

Anyone NOT working, if possible, and pulling their own weight, and raising the kids they made, all were called the same thing…BUMS. Nothing has changed. Just the wording and the apologies.

We are super impressed with JT’s projects and do some hard things. I think he’s one of us, but he needs to adjust his perspective a bit. We are all guilty of bad thoughts sometimes. Seriously, his projects remind me of my father.

I hope the community will recognize themselves in my email. Sorry for the rant. I could have gone on for pages. Thanks to everyone who understands. Our community is special. We all want the same thing. Unity and pride WITH our colleagues, doing difficult things.

I’ll be careful, JT. He is your opponent. Your children will not go to school without Dana B. mobilizing for the community.

Don’t even think about shooting my Dana B. directly!


Typically that would be Clay’s territory since he has an opinion on just about everything, but since he flies across the country playing college football on Saturdays and Tuesdays from the New York boardroom, I guess that kind of stuff falls in my domain.

• Tyler O. writes:

Did you ever think Elon Musk would buy Twitter and take over, or was it all just a big tease?

Right now, I’m going with this as a tease. This has been a great trolling opportunity for Musk, who has been able to infuriate lib libs on a daily basis with the idea that he owns – and fires – libs.

Take Thursday, for example. The lib libs lost their minds over a report that Musk would cut 75% of Twitter’s workforce after taking over.

The libs took the opportunity to ask their followers for retweets and support in the face of such destruction to their precious social media platform as Musk sits back and enjoys the idea of ​​the libs losing their minds.

Let’s also not forget that the extremely wealthy, for the most part, like to control the narrative and Musk has been in the headlines on this deal for what feels like 8-10 months. If the deal goes through, he becomes the owner and no longer has the ability to be the trillionaire underdog fighting the libs. The fight loses its luster.

I’m leaving with this agreement that will never happen.

Can you spot the problem here?

• Richard A. writes:

I didn’t want this to be my first ever email contribution, but something tells me it’s fitting for a Friday exclusive. Stay in school kids. Sitting in the last few years leaves time to go.

• Danny K. from GA writes:

No Thursday night football again!! Refuse to pay for Amazon!!! Sad ass brave fan in front of watching the Yankees!!! But you know life is still amazing and my junior from KSU is home safe and with us tonight!!! Fly owls!!! Thanks for the screenshots!!!

And someone’s navel is not that important!!! Get your priorities straight!!!

Hug your wife and children and thank them for being who they are!!!!! Life is short!! Make the most!!! I wish all the screenshot followers were my next door neighbours!!!!

But your garage fridge would run a little low!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Joe!!! We love you !!!!


The Ts have moved to another Italian villa

• Mike T. writes:

Watch the sunset from the patio of our new home in Moneglia Italy, on the Italian Rivera!

Mike T. writes:

I have already told you how hilly the Piedmont region of Italy is! It is known as a sort of Mecca for mountain bikers. Well, something new has happened, electric bikes.

These babies make it easy for anyone to climb dangerous hills.

Gone are the scenes of the Tour de France, with the open jersey swaying as the bike’s studs roll over the hill. Just Jack and Jill from Minnesota stopping for Gelato as they put on their down jackets for the cruise down the hill.

Even the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is getting into Halloween decorations

• Frank W., Astros fan, writes:

I love the column

Advice on woodpiles and garage refrigerators. It’s great content

I love me pickleball here in Willis TX

Bill Belichick and the Jim Brown Statue

• Matt B. writes:

I loved reading this:

When my father was in poor health, my sister found a contact through her work in the rock n roll industry. Anyway, she sent pictures of my dad’s Ashtabula Ohio decorations to the Browns office. She also sent material from Bill’s favorite band.

Dad loved him Browns and had 22 statues made and painted in brown colors. He painted the starting numbers every year.

Shortly after, the coach sent some very cool Browns clothes to my dad and corresponded with him. It meant everything to an old man on his last legs and made me a lifelong Coach Belichick fan.

Some people are good people and don’t need to advertise.

Random buzzed thoughts and Hildeeeeee

• Jim M. writes:

– Joe, you need a calendar for these dates and photo/story deadlines, how are we supposed to track them? ! Lol

-Craft Beer Guy can go sit with Soccer Guy and shout from the corner that everyone should like what they like and we’re all wrong! SHUT DOWN TFU!!!

-Tips- The blessed woman needed a new phone today and we changed companies so we went to the dreaded phone store. Awesome salesman spent 2 hours with us and left with everything we needed, tip worthy!! I tricked her and she liked it. Cross s, NFW

Flymo…very important!! When I started in the golf course industry in the 80s, we had Flymos to cut steep bunker banks. Until…Joe (my colleague) cut off his toes! These things were flying out of control, so Beau, use them as a wall mount. Newer ones should have better quality control

– And finally, the topic of the month!

The mystery of the big navel, I think I have the answer. The photo of John L is the proof, his navel is a 3rd nipple!!!! Look how hard this fucking thing is, she’s so horny in this pic! Hey, it can happen. Linda Lovelace, her clitoris was in her throat so here it is.

Anyway, my choice for picture of the year is

After this drama between Dana B. & Millennial JT, I felt it was important to end this morning in style with a beautiful story

Harvey D. in northwest Ohio sent this one. You know how to brighten up a day when a little war is brewing on Screencaps.

The Durham Herald Sun reports:

A Dale Earnhardt fan playing the $1 Carolina Cash 5 lottery game for the first time has bought three tickets honoring his hero, and it’s won him a jackpot, NC lottery officials said Thursday.

“It was my first time playing Cash 5. I picked Quick Pick three times for Dale Earnhardt,” Lincolnton resident Luther Dowdy said when he claimed his first prize of $235,000 at HQ. of the lottery in Raleigh on Wednesday, according to a lottery. Release.

Hopefully Luther’s story calms the inbox before the weekend.

Try not to get too fired up today. It’s Friday, the sun is out here in the Midwest and it’s going to be 78 on Sunday. You’re right, I play golf. 9:64 degrees end of October. I will take it, enjoy it and cherish every minute of it.

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