NorthStar Bets Online Sports Betting Promo Code and Reviews 2022

Sports betting can be complicated. Just try to explain the common point to someone who knows nothing about gambling. But the product that NorthStar Bets will offer bettors in Canada is quite simple: it’s the app on your phone that allows you to place bets legal in Ontario.

However, a bookmaker sells more than betting opportunities. It’s selling an experience, the feeling of belonging to a community of bettors and the pleasure of putting a few dollars on a game before sitting down to watch it. Presumably, that’s what NorthStar Bets sells. Canadian company NorthStar Bets is licensed and ready to launch in the Ontario market on April 4, 2022. The only problem is that no one has seen their product yet. Technically, NorthStar Bets does not (yet) exist in the same way that DraftKings or FanDuel exist as an app and website.

There is one company, NorthStar Gaming, that definitely exists. The company has a strong management team and issues numerous press releases on how NorthStar Bets has partnered with industry leaders to make its product fit even better into the booming sports betting market. in Ontario. But what does it look like? Not seeing the actual bookmaker makes it quite difficult to review, but we’ll do our best to give you all the details of NorthStar Bets, including its partnerships, and we’ll predict what kind of betting markets, promotions and options banking it will offer. . Once NorthStar Bets is revealed and goes live, this page will be updated.

NorthStar Bets comes to Ontario

NorthStar Bets is coming to Ontario! Is this a good thing? That certainly sounds like a good thing. The stream of press releases from NorthStar Gaming would win a prize for fashionable bingo. Integration, ideas, scenarios, leverage, content and our favorite, omnichannel, all appear. They were only one “synergy” away from truly succeeding.

But if you cut out all the buzzwords, there’s real potential in the product they describe. NorthStar Bets is owned by NordStar Capital, which also owns Torstar Corporation, owner of the Toronto Star newspaper and other digital brands. People in Ontario are no doubt familiar with Torstar, or at least the many brands it controls. Producing content that people want to read, like the sports section of the Toronto Star, is valuable. If the Star can successfully integrate sports betting into its content, people could create a NorthStar Bets account.

Content integration (and other buzzwords)

Imagine reading an article in the Toronto Star and having a way to bet on the teams mentioned. An article featuring a preview of the Maple Leafs game of the evening might mention the spread with a link that would allow the reader to instantly place a bet on the Leafs using NorthStar Bets without even having to navigate to another page. The Star is the most influential newspaper in Ontario. It goes without saying that its large readership would be interested in a bookmaker associated with the newspaper.

Back then, before 2018, newspaper editors never mentioned gambling or point spreads in the articles they wrote. It was even controversial to list the betting lines in the corner of the results section of the sports page. Of course, that looks weird now, with betting lines scrolling down the bottom of ESPN and TSN and leagues teaming up with big sportsbooks. A sportsbook owned by the same company that owns the Toronto Star is just the natural progression of sportsbooks becoming part of the daily lives of sports fans in Canada.

The Toronto Star has a new sports betting section with the integration of NorthStar Bets content

NorthStar Bets Partnerships

NorthStar Bets is gearing up for success by partnering with leading technology companies to help power its soon to be launched product. Three such partnerships have been announced, with more to come.


Technology provider for many leading sportsbooks, including BetRivers and Unibet, Kambi does everything it takes to ensure that the numbers offered by sportsbooks are fair, quickly updated and cover all bets possible. Have you ever wondered how sportsbooks can offer odds on even the most obscure game, like the Albanian Football Super League? Kambi is how. BetRivers or NorthStar Bets uses Kambi’s technology and wealth of information to decide which sports to offer. Kambi does the research and creates the algorithms that update odds quickly. Sportsbooks would need hundreds of staff to manage and update all the bets they offer, so many of them rely on technology providers to power the odds and do the groundwork. in full.


Kambi is to sports betting what Playtech is to online casinos. Playtech is one of the world’s largest providers of technology for iGaming operators. All of those flashy and cool slots and table games that you find at the best online casinos require a lot of work and back-end technology to make sure they’re programmed to work fairly and comply with local regulations. That’s what Playtech does. NorthStar Bets’ announcement of a partnership with Playtech indicates that the company is considering adding an online casino to its sportsbook. This strategy is used by many major sportsbooks operating in US states with both sportsbook and iGaming (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Michigan, and West Virginia). It’s pretty lucrative for a provider like Playtech to add a casino to an existing sports betting app so bettors can put a few bucks on their favorite team and play blackjack without having to switch apps.

Parley Media Group

The Parleh (get it?) is called the sports betting network of Canada. NorthStar Bets has announced that it is a featured sports betting affiliate partner for the fledgling digital property. The Parleh certainly has a solid product, with a rotating group of up-and-coming young content creators producing daily videos packed with betting picks and insights. The NorthStar Bets partnership certainly helps The Parleh solidify itself as a reputable online source for sports betting news, but with Parleh’s limited social media reach (1,470 Twitter followers compared to theScore’s 616,660), NorthStar Bets seems to be investing in the future rather than the giveaway.

NorthStar Bets Betting Markets

You don’t need us to tell you that Canadians love to watch and bet on hockey. That goes without saying. NorthStar Bets will offer all sorts of hockey betting options. But what about other sports? If you’re reading this in Canada, you know that Canadians love to watch and bet on all the major American sports. It is certain that all major professional sports leagues will be available on NorthStar Bets. Some sportsbooks stop there, or perhaps sprinkle some Premier League football and MMA markets depending on the time of year. Other sportsbooks go out of their way, offering sports from around the world, from Indian T20 cricket to Australian football to German handball, and many more. Part of the fun of sports betting is finding new sports to bet on. Since NorthStar Bets has partnered with Kambi, there is no doubt that every professional sports league around the world will have plenty of betting opportunities available, including:

  • Hockey (obviously)
  • Basketball (NBA and NCAA)
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • MMA/Boxing
  • Soccer (NFL and NCAA)
  • australian rules football
  • locust
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Floorball
  • Motor sports
  • Handball
  • Rugby
  • Billiards
  • Table tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Olympic sports
  • And more depending on the time of year

NorthStar betting types of bets available

Sports betting offers markets, or types of bets, on different games. Some high-level matchups may have more than 100 different markets. The rise of sports betting has resulted in an unprecedented, some might say overwhelming, number of betting opportunities. Since NorthStar Bets is powered by Kambi, we expect virtually every possible market to be covered. The types of bets that will be offered by NorthStar Bets will include:

NorthStar Betting Promotions

We don’t know exactly what new customer promotions NorthStar Bets will be offering to those who create an account, but we’re sure it will be pretty good. All bookmakers run promotions to entice customers to try their product, but the best deals usually come when a bookmaker enters a new state or when a new state/province opens legal sports betting. With Ontario opening to outside sports betting operators on April 4, 2022, the race is on to sign up as many customers as possible, and NorthStar Bets is sure to do its utmost to generate interest in its sports betting. and its online casino. That said, here are the most popular sports betting bonuses in Ontario, some of which are likely to be offered by NorthStar Bets:

  • Risk-free bet
  • Deposit match
  • Free bet credit
  • Free bet no deposit
  • Odds increase
  • Insurance parlay or bet
  • Referral bonus

NorthStar Bets Banking Options

Each sportsbook offers different banking options. Some have only a few choices while others have just about every option. It’s unclear why some sportsbooks have limited deposit and withdrawal options, but it likely has to do with money and how much they want to invest in a service that doesn’t directly generate revenue. More isn’t always better, but fewer options can be quite frustrating, especially if the options available aren’t commonly available in online casinos or sportsbooks. People only want to have a limited number of e-wallets and online accounts, so having to sign up for a service like Skrill that is only used by a particular bookmaker can be a dealbreaker that pushes a customer to another bookmaker. That said, NorthStar Bets should have a significant number of banking options available, including some or most of the following:

  • PayPal
  • Online banking
  • INTERAC online payment
  • Play+ prepaid card (or equivalent)
  • Visa/Mastercard (debit and credit)
  • Bank transfer
  • PayNearMe (or equivalent)
  • Venmo
  • WebCash
  • Gift card