Partick Glasgow bingo player wins £150,000 jackpot

The grandmother, who wished to remain anonymous, pocketed £150,000 on Saturday May 14.

A regular at Carlton Bingo Patrick, the 57-year-old was playing with her husband on the night the winnings were “supersized” from £50,000.

Speaking of her lucky charms, she said, “‘Only my husband. We’ve been together for forty years and he’s my bingo buddy, although he jokes that he’s more like my bingo driver!

“After that, I think a new car could be on the cards!”

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Discussing what she will be spending the money on, she added: “I have always wanted to go to the Maldives.

“So let’s get our passports and make a reservation.”

Gary Duncanson, managing director of Carlton Bingo Partick, said: “It’s always great to see people win, we had a £50,000 national bingo game winner in July last year, but there there’s something really wonderful about seeing a regular player win something this big! £150,000 is quite an incredible amount of money.

“There were cheers when the claim was upheld, but when the caller announced it was Supersize Saturdays on the national bingo game and the prize was £150,000 the club went crazy and the winner looked completely overwhelmed. With three generations of the family playing at the club, I’m sure there will be treats throughout – we’re delighted.