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1. Looking at the iGaming / online gaming market, what trends do you see and what requirements are changing for live streaming providers like nanocosmos?

There is continued growth and demand for live mobile games through browsers. To ensure an optimal experience for players, operators rely on a solid solution that offers live video streaming with ultra-low latency. Only this will provide smooth interaction with a live dealer in real time. At the same time, it is one of the biggest challenges faced by platform operators, especially when it comes to live casinos and sports betting to ensure a seamless user experience when players are on the move. No matter what network or location you are in, any change in network bandwidth – 3G to 5G to 4G to bad WiFi – which can interrupt or even cut the game. This challenge has been met with the rise in power of innovative new technologies such as adaptive bitrate streaming to any device.

Knowing that this is a major challenge for igaming companies, we at nanocosmos are introducing a new generation of live streaming, including the brand new nanoStream Player at ICE this year. It is a key component of our nanoStream Cloud platform and now enables live streaming with sub-second latency, enabling and maintaining full interaction between live dealers and players, while ensuring the stability of even the most faulty networks on any device, anywhere in the world, based on our unique Adaptive Throughput Technology.

In addition to the live stream, additional tools and features are becoming increasingly important: data insights with an analytics platform, as well as security and protection against misuse of your live content in line.

2. nanocosmos has over 20 years of experience in the audio/video industry and also expertise in B2B interactive live streaming – Why is it all about latency and what are the conditions attached to it?

Interactive live streaming can only be successful if latency is kept in check. Otherwise, the player experience is poor. This is why latency is cited as a particular challenge for certain use cases like online betting and gaming. The other factor that comes into play is that a successful interactive live broadcast is a concerted effort. Each component should work well together, such as camera, ingest, player, worldwide streaming, latency, etc., along with data insight to understand how the provided stream delivers the right quality to the right targets. However, the most important aspect of latency is addressing it end-to-end for an immersive real-time experience.

3. How does nanocosmos offer something unique compared to other traditional streaming solutions?

Generally speaking, our solution is different in that it comes with ultra-low latency to enable live interaction for gaming and betting with large audiences anywhere in the world. Therefore, we are not in competition with regular streaming which traditionally does not require low latency. Looking at other interactive live streaming solutions in particular, we see our head start in terms of being the most comprehensive approach to integrating enterprise requirements with a comprehensive API in a future-oriented way into their operations. You can see it as an equation. Our nanoStream Cloud solution covers the following elements to ensure our customers’ success: it is easy to use, with end-to-end control, supports live metadata, offers a global network (CDN), player, analytics and stream protection in addition to being white label and can be customized to your own solution.

We have constantly innovated. We will now introduce the next generation of nanoStream Cloud with new features that will ensure the lowest latency and highest stability of your live content, with sub-second latency glass-to-glass i.e. say from the camera to the reader. Updates to all key components of our platform have been made to ensure the best quality of service and the best quality of experience for our customers and therefore for their customers as well.

4. Can you provide an overview of interactive live-streamed games and how technology is adapting to change?

We have always focused on innovation with the belief that innovation is a continuous process. Based on our long experience in the professional video industry with a strong team of engineers, we have launched new innovations such as adaptive bitrate playback, live transcoding, extended analysis and a Incredible edge for stream management in 2020. Now is the time to focus on stream analytics and protection/security extension and player for sub-second latency. This is based on close collaboration with our customers, a good customer relationship and a constant desire to move forward: each step counts in order to improve as long as it is at the service of our customers.

We will continue to improve the quality of service, ensuring a smooth experience for our customers and their customers. The next step from our perspective is data-driven streaming.