Star Wars Eclipse looks like a canceled game waiting to happen

There are rumors that Star Wars Eclipse is having issues and may not be released until 2027, partly due to Quantic Dream’s poor reputation.

star wars eclipse – the first set of the High Republic star wars video game – was originally revealed at The Game Awards 2021, but rumors that the game is going through difficult development make it look like it might already be on the verge of being canceled. The news of the struggles for development revealed that star wars eclipse could be too ambitious a project, and could take many years to complete. Add to that the controversies reported by developer Quantic Dream and its head, David Cage, and it looks like star wars eclipse could already be on the verge of being canceled.


Quantic Dream and Cage have been criticized in recent years. The French developer witnessed a workplace scandal similar to that of Activision Blizzard in 2018. Excessive workloads, verbal harassment, racist and homophobic tendencies, and even photoshopped images of employees in sex positions resulted in a former employee suing Quantic Dream and a media takedown. of the company in France. This Quantic Dream even had the opportunity to create star wars eclipse therefore came as a surprise, as the amount of controversy associated with the company and Cage after a series of scandals and heavily criticized games like Detroit: Become Human left the studio’s reputation badly damaged.

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News of development struggles suggests that star wars eclipse can only worsen the reputation of Quantic Dream. Well-known leaker Tom Henderson previously claimed the game would be released in three to four years due to production issues, but a new report from him suggests that star wars eclipse may not be released until 2027 due to Quantic Dream’s alleged difficulty in attracting developers and new employees. Many already praised David Cage star wars game as a bad franchise decision by Disney, and if the rumors about its development issues are true, then it’s possible the game will eventually be canceled.

Star Wars Eclipse Trailer May Have Been Designed To Attract Talent

Star Wars Eclipse is reportedly already facing development issues

According to Henderson’s article, a major concern for star wars eclipseQuantic Dream’s release date is Quantic Dream’s inability to hire new employees. The company has reportedly had difficulty recruiting new employees since the star wars eclipse trailer discontinued in December 2021, with over 60 job openings at that time. More than three months later, Quantic Dream still has 67 positions to fill in March 2022. Henderson believes this will further delay Quantic Dream’s plans for star wars eclipsebecause without the staff to complete the game, the developer cannot move forward.

Quantic Dream’s apparent response to this problem is emblematic of why the developer may have difficulty finding new talent. According to Henderson, Quantic manually changed the posting date of its job postings to make them appear as if they had only recently been posted. Many have remained dissatisfied with the studio’s response to its own scandals — it can’t just sweep these issues under the rug in the same way it has tried to hide its struggles to find new employees.

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Perhaps that’s why Quantic Dream also struggled to find support from other companies. Henderson claims that the TGA 2021 star wars eclipse The trailer was designed less to market the game than to market the developer to other studios. Amid its 2018 controversies, Quantic Dream went fully independent. To make a game as big as star wars eclipse seems to be, the company will not only need a greater amount of staff, but also possibly support from other studios. That Quantic Dream supposedly accomplished none of these tasks despite the popularity of the TGA trailer shows that star wars eclipse could be in danger.

David Cage’s Controversial Story Could Derail Star Wars Eclipse

David Cage's Star Wars Game Is Disney's Worst Franchise Decision - Star Wars Eclipse Heavy Rain Detroit Become Human

As the figurehead of Quantic Dream, David Cage has led the development company down strange and controversial paths. From his first major title Indigo Prophecy From there, Cage’s games exhibit some disturbing patterns in terms of thematic material and storytelling integrity. Unnecessary sexual assault scenes, narrative structure that jumps through time in a confusing way, and reliance on a deus ex machina to both create and resolve story tensions are like empty spaces on a bingo card. Cage. Included between Heavy rainmanipulative twist and Beyond two souls‘ Offensive Native American streak, it’s easy to tire of seeing the same negative tropes reappear in Cage’s games.

Detroit: Become Human saw a slight departure from Cage’s past self-indulgence and even skipped the unnecessary shots of female characters in the showers that appear throughout his work. However, the game created another problem: a controversial commentary. Detroit is an allegory about race relations in America that tells the story of humanoid androids fighting for freedom. While solving important real-world problems is welcome in video games as in any art, equating the struggle of people of color who are humans with the struggles of robots designed to be submissive creates obvious problems and reduces Detroit to an irrational and harmful metaphor.

This problem in Detroit: Become Human highlights other past controversies in Cage’s career that explain why Quantic Dream may have trouble finding people to create star wars eclipse. As well as including a nude model of Elliot Page in Beyond two souls Against his will, Cage apparently created a toxic work environment at Quantic Dream and allegedly openly used misogynistic and homophobic language. While the workspace and the product produced by that workspace have been recognized as problematic and inefficient, working at Quantic Dream – even if it is to make a revolution star wars game set in the High Republic – so can feel like a nightmare.

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Cage’s Alleged Bad Leadership May Have Left Quantic Dream’s Future Now star wars eclipse messy. Whether the game comes out in seven years or not at all, it looks like the wider Cage and Quantic Dream controversies could have a negative impact on the studio’s attempts to attract both talent and interest from other publishers. . This in mind, it is not outside the realm of possibility that star wars eclipse suffers the fate of others previously announced star wars games and is canceled during development.

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