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The turn of autumn

Posted at 1:38 p.m. on Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The porch swing is set in the morning sun
which whitens its gray slats, its floral cushion
whose flowers have withered, like those of summer,
and a little brown spider has spread its web
on a line between the porch post and the chain
so no one can swing without breaking it.
She says it’s time to end the sway,
the time that the creak and the ping and the snap
who sang through the ceiling had passed,
now make way for the sweet vibrations of moths,
the wasp tapping each plank for a starter,
the fresh dewdrops to brush from his work
every morning, one world at a time.

~ Ted Kooser, “Porch Swing in September”

As autumn turns, dogwood trees turn crimson-purple, goldenrod arches gracefully near roadside asters as bees buzz. A little green saddle-backed caterpillar with black tassels, so innocent, is not. Acorns fall, busy squirrels begin to accumulate.

There is a slowing of the pace that ripples quietly through the coming fall, but the flowers of summer bloom as fall joins in. Spiders snag new webs along the eaves, silken strands on the garden path where I always bump into one. For sure.

As September floats by and dandelion whiffs drift, it’s time for yours truly to take a little break. I will be in the south of France with some art supplies and a grateful, happy heart. Usually if I’m traveling I write a column where I am and send it. This time, I’m going to be like the grasshopper singing in the grass: lazy. But, as Terminator said so well: I’ll be back!

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