Why do women like to play bingo?

Bingo is an immensely popular game all over the world. Plus, if you live in the UK, you’re more likely than not to have played the game, and the stats only get more amazing once you’ve left the country. What’s even more interesting about the game is the parity between the number of men and women who play it. It is estimated that 70% of all bingo players in the world, 1.6 billion to be exact, are women.

Although men dominate most gambling establishments, bingo has long been the game of choice for women. Additionally, gambling demographics are also changing with the emergence of online platforms such as 888ladies bingo. It’s no longer the old people’s game you once knew. Join us as we explore the game of bingo and some of the reasons women love it so much.

1. Women are social actors

As much as women gamble to win the prizes available in bingo games, they indulge in it for its social aspect. They enjoy meeting friends at home, at bingo halls, or on online platforms where they interact and keep up to date with the latest gossip. It’s also a well-known fact that some of the game’s adamant players are older, retired women without much of a social life or responsibilities in life. The game allows them to meet new people and interact regularly with their friends.

Women are also more likely to seek social interaction than men, and bingo offers them the perfect excuse to get together.

2. Women love casual games

Unlike other high stakes casino games that require your focus to play well and win. Bingo is more laid back and you can play even when your full attention is not on the game. Also, traditionally most women didn’t like the game, and the laid back nature of bingo made it a game between friends. , even in bingo halls.

Many British families also play bingo casually as a way to bond and spend quality time together. Mothers who spend more time with their children also have more opportunities to play with them.

3. Bingo is cheap to play

Bingo is a fairly affordable game to play. Games start from just £1, and even for some of the more expensive games the buy-ins aren’t as high as other gambling games. Most women are also not as inflexible players as one would expect of men, and this aspect of bingo appeals to them. Additionally, bingo jackpots are nothing to sneeze at and women enjoy high returns from their low-risk bets.

The low rates also mean women can indulge in more games without spending a lot, which is the only time you’ll hear that.

4. Bingo is easy to learn and play

Unlike some card games and casino table games with many rules and requiring complex strategies to win, bingo is simple to learn and get started. In fact, if you’re British, bingo is probably one of the first games you learned to play when you were young. Also, more women than men tend to stick with gambling throughout their lives, which may be a preference or a cultural thing.

The easy nature of the game also means that more new players can join the established ones and play at high levels quickly, keeping everything interesting.

5. Bingo Positioning

Marketing plays an important role in how we perceive and interact with products such as games, and bingo is no different. For example, in the early 2000s, the bingo industry in the UK was dominated by elderly people at the end of life. However, the operators are trying to rebrand and reposition the game changing its image from an old people game to a young and hip game. To this end, they carried out a marketing campaign aimed at young influential TV personalities in the country, which quickly had the desired result.

Today, bingo in the UK is enjoyed by a wide demographic, but the overwhelming majority are women of all ages.

6. Online bingo

Another factor contributing to the popularity of bingo among women is the emergence of online bingo. Traditionally, many women did not like to visit casinos, but bingo halls and establishments have always been an exception. And now that online platforms have made access to bingo games convenient, more and more women are finding it easy to play. Online bingo also offers more bingo options and better jackpots than bingo halls, which is also a big reason why many women play the game.

Additionally, today almost everyone in the UK has a mobile phone, and there are plenty of bingo games that women can play on their devices. Plus, it’s easier than ever to play a quick game while on a break or while moving from place to place.

7. Good regulation

The UK gambling industry is fully regulated and most bingo establishments in physical facilities, as well as the online space, are safe and secure. Women don’t have to worry about being scammed or having their money lost by unscrupulous operators with bingo as much as they would with other games of chance.

Bingo authorities and operators are also on hand to help players who encounter problems and unclear sections of regulations. This helped bingo cultivate a decent reputation, allowing women to trust the game.


Have you ever heard of the saying that behind every successful man is a woman? We guess we can extend this saying to bingo as well. The game has survived for over 500 years and is still going strong today, and it’s no surprise that women are the majority of bingo players. But as the technology powering the next wave of bingo evolution continues to change, so too do the demographics.

We expect bingo to remain a favorite among women, but we also hope to see more and more men getting into the spirit of things. But one thigh is sure, the beautiful game of bingo is here to stay for the foreseeable future if the support it receives from women is anything to see.