Zitro launches its Glare cabinet line at Codere’s Bingo Canoe in Madrid

Among the factors that have contributed to this warm reception are the main characteristics of the cabinets, the products presenting “striking aesthetics, a brighter display, more space for the gamer, and high-quality detail.” In addition, the multi-games presented also stand outconnecting with customers through their game mechanics.

These include “Wheel of Legends”, described as “unprecedented multi-game in which players will experience different gameplay dynamics;” while “Wild West”, on the other hand, is a multi-game that makes winnings “multiply faster with its endless free game spins”. Meanwhile, “Bashiba Egyptian”, is a new multi-game game in Egyptian mythology that has a special multiplier that increases the prizes up to x 10.

José Manuel Vázquez, bingo director at Codere España, said: “At Codere, we never stop striving to provide the best response to our customers, placing them at the center of our strategy. This is the key to our company’s leadership. To this end, we integrate in our offer the most innovative game options, as is the case of the latest market launches of the new Zitro GLARE familywhich is very well received by the demanding public of our games room.”

Meanwhile, Vicente Fernández, Commercial Director of Zitro for Spain, expressed his gratitude to Codere “for the trust he always places in us and in our most innovative products.. What’s coming to Canoe now is a variety of products with totally new game mechanics, sure to entertain all types of bingo players. »

Last weekZitro has also announced the introduction of its “Wheel of Legends” multi-game at Casino Peralada in Girona.after its premiere at Casino Barcelona a week earlier. Both sites belong to the Peralada group in Catalonia.